bushisgonein08 (bushisgonein08) wrote in vaginapagina,

birth control & possible pregnancy

Hey everyone! just a question..i'm really concerned because i've been feeling a little odd these past few days..my period is due in 4 days..and something inside of me is screaming "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!"..i am on loloestrin for birth control and i'm just curious..if i continue to take my pill until i possibly miss a period, if i am pregnant, will the hormones in the bc hurt the baby in any way? my boyfriend and I are in no way TRYING to get pregnant, however I had my wisdom teeth removed last thursday, and the doctor had me on an antibiotic a week prior to having them removed. not thinking, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex while i was taking this antibiotic and so i'm a little worried about my bc actually working. if the case is that I am pregnant, we will both be ecstatic about it and look at the baby as a blessing, but we aren't quite ready to have a baby yet if the chance is there to hold off for a couple years! haha. just looking for advice :) thanks!
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