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Mirena insertion experience

Hey all!

To start: 23yo, NP, don't tend to do well with pain.

I posted quite a while back (maybe a year or so?) about my libido problems and how I was unsure if it was being caused by the pill or not. Well, due to lack of insurance and graduating college (ergo not being able to use the school clinic anymore), I've been out of prescription HBC (Tri-Sprintec, the $10 Walmart stuff) since mid-September, and despite the off-the-wall cycle irregularity I've had to deal with, my libido has definitely improved. It's not quite where I want it to be, but it's a work in progress and I'll take what I can get.

Anyway, back on topic: I've been researching IUDs for a little while now, in part because I hate having to remember to take a pill everyday, even with an alarm I forget! I don't tend to go to bed/wake up/take lunch at the same time everyday, and I found that when I took my pill at night I would wake up nauseous the next morning. I'd pretty much decided on getting one if my Doc didn't think it was a bad idea for me, and planned to talk to her about it at my yearly exam.

I finally made it in today (the 15th, haven't slept yet!) for said exam (though I'm about four months late, but I only just got health insurance back right before the holidays... then the holidays happened...). I should mention that I am on day 52 from the start of my last menstruation (like I said, off-the-wall irregular, they've been getting progressively longer between each time). My doc asked if I had any issues I wanted to discuss before beginning my exam, and after discussing my cycle (either my body's not used to being off the pills yet or I'm just irregular and didn't know it, I didn't track before I went on the pill at 19), I brought up alternate birth control because of my terrible track record taking pills. She brought up the NuvaRing (which I've thought about, and since becoming a cup user I'm not scared of getting acquainted with myself down there anymore), and we discussed that, then moved on to IUDs. She could tell I'd done my research, agreed that for me it was a good choice (she has one as well), and told me if I wanted, since I'd already taken off work and was there, we could do it today. I wasn't expecting that, but hey, I'll take it!

So, insertion. Definitely not the most pleasant thing I've ever experienced! I was expecting that, but it doesn't change the fact, lol. I'm not sure if it was worse or better than I was expecting... a little of both, I think. The cramps were/are pretty bad, but when I stop to think about it, this is about how I was in high school on the first day of my period. It wasn't as sharp a pain as I was expecting, but it lasted a little longer than I thought it would. Kind of a... just when I thought it was over, something else would happen! Not that my doc didn't walk me through what she was doing, she did, my mind would just decide "Okay, that's it! It's not?? Argh!" She said I did great (though I'm sure she says that to all her patients, lol!), and I'm due for my checkup one month from today. I really hope this works for me, as I'm really excited to be protected without worry!

Oh, last note: I wasn't expecting this, but my insurance covered the whole thing! When I'd checked my coverage on their website, they estimated I'd have to pay about $250 out of pocket, but they called my insurance before insertion and were told that I would only have to pay the $40 copay for the office visit! So YAY!!!

Anyway, I apologize for the rambling, it is after midnight and I'm running on not-much sleep, but I was excited to share my story with SOMEONE. I hope my story helps others in the long run, and I'll be sure to post an update on my checkup date to let you all know how it's going!

Love you all! Such an amazing support group! <3

[EDIT] I meant to mention this last night, but being sleep deprived as I was, I couldn't think of it: During my research, I saw where people were given a pill to take the night before to soften their cervix. As I wasn't expecting to just get it yesterday, I didn't have that pill, so what my doctor did was right after my pap, before she got everything out of there, she sprayed my cervix with a numbing spray. It definitely burned for a bit, but she went ahead and checked my ovaries right after, and the lube was nice and cool and pretty much made the burning go away entirely. We talked for a bit (she did this while we were still discussing, that way it had time to work if I decided for sure I wanted it done), then after I decided yes and she was getting ready to put it in she sprayed a bit more; I couldn't even feel it that time. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience!
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