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Catalina Royce

Broken Vagina: YI and sex woes...

Where to start? I got what was a mother of a YI in November/'s been a while but I seem to recall it being there beforehand. It was off and on for a while, through December. I thought it'd been treated, then it would come back, so I would treat again, then it'd come back, blah blah blah. Then on Christmas eve, the boy and I had sex and it huuurt. I think I made the mistake of using YI cream and then having sex on it and I think it may have messed up the lubrication.

So I nixed the sex for a while until I was healed and YI free. Which took a week or so. But the sex still hurt. It was more like the vulval area (in particular just at the entrance to the vagina) hurt. Actual pain during attempted copulation, but then afterwards it would sort of...burn? 

I don't suspect an infection of any sort as I'm in a monogamous relationship and have been for 17 months. I was tested in April last year but not since at my partner hasn't changed, and I know he's been faithful, so am fairly certain I'm STI-free. 

In desperation I went back to the doctor a week or two ago and explained the situation, and she believes that I got caught it this cycle where trauma to the membrane would encourage the YI which would leave the membrane traumatised and then any attempted sex would screw with that, etc etc. Her suggestion was to use significant amounts of lube and then after sex to put a little bit of anti-fungal cream on to try to the break the cycle, which I have been doing. 

I guess my question is: has anyone else had experience with this? Is there something less, uh, chemical bound that I can do to help it? Do I need to do the lube/sex/anti-fungal forever? We've been using KY but to be honest, I just don't orgasm as much/strongly when we do - in some ways it's almost like I can feel it less - so the sex just isn't as fun. And part of me is constantly paranoid that I'm going to get a YI again...

Here's the thing: If I'm not having sex then there is no issue and no YI. I have no pain during masturbation (though there is rarely insertion when I masturbate) and the burning is almost always only located on the left hand side of the vaginal entrance. 

I ended up running across a thread which had very similar symptoms and the issue was Vulvar Vestibulitis - in these particuar cases, they were likely caused by hormone exposure and the pill - link here ). I ended up reading the study (which is in no way definitive as Vulvar Vestibulitis is such a cover-all description) and I do fall into the category of 'higher-risk': I'm on an low-estrogen based pill (Monofeme, if interested) which is a second generation pill, and I have been on it for over 5 years. While the lube has helped, it hasn't fixed the problem yet, and since the current 2 weeks of lubed-up sex was precluded by 4 weeks of no-sex-at-all, I guess I feel like I should have healed by now? 

Essentially I'm just hoping someone has been in a similar situation to situation a) or b) and can give me some advice on whether what I'm dealing with sounds normal for either, and if you have any advice. Also if/when I can hope to move back to non-lubricated sex. Because I miss my intense orgasm. 

I think what I might try to do is continue the current situation and then hopefully stop using the cream, then if that's working okay I will try to stop using the lube. If it still hurts but no YI, I'll go back to the doctor. The main issue is that we normally have a very active sex life, and not having sex has been, well...difficult for me. He's very understanding but I get horribly frustrated and become an emotional see-saw, particularly when it had stretched out to about a month. 

Whew! Long post, but any help on anything would be wonderful! 
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