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Over a Week Late, Negative Test, Where is AF?

Hey, everyone!

So, I usually have a 28 day cycle (I've been tracking my cycles for several years and that is the average, though it is usually between 26-29 days). My period was due around last Monday. As of right now (8 days late according to the app I have on my phone), I've had nothing. I took a HPT yesterday morning first thing and it came out negative. I've been cramping on and off for a couple of days, but obviously nothing has happened. I felt like I was PMSing about a week ago (cravings, mood swings, sore nipples, spotty acne), but most of that has subsided. I'm still cramping, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that AF is just very late (my fiance keeps telling me she's just stuck in traffic!).

I'm getting married in 18 days (yay!), and I've been stressed to the max, so I'm guessing that would be the cause for the late period. However, last month was also late, though only 4 days. Should I continue to chalk it up to stress or could something be wrong with my cycles that I should get checked out? What is the likelihood of getting a false negative a week out? I shouldn't Google search these things as all of the stories I've read have been about women who didn't test positive their whole pregnancy or until they were three months along, so I'm freaked out even more as we DON'T want to be pregnant yet.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Advice to calm me down? Thanks in advance!
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