Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in vaginapagina,

am I bleeding enough?

So, I'm on HBC. My problem is that I tend not to start bleeding until day 6 of the placebo. I don't continue to bleed once the hormones are back in my system (I've read some do, that their period still 'finishes', IDK..?). So I only get to bleed for 3 days (days 6 and 7, and then day 1 as well because I take my pill before bed). I'm worried that I'm not bleeding enough, that I'm not shedding my entire endometrial lining. I'm worried that this could be unhealthy. I've considered letting my 'off' week go an extra day, but I'm worried that could affect the effectiveness of the birth control (not something I'm super-worried about since we're only 6 mo. from TTC again and would be thrilled if we got pregnant now, it'd just be really bad timing with my schooling).

FWIW, back when I was still getting a natural cycle (I don't anymore due to worsening of my PCOS), I had heavy 7-10 day periods about 4 times a year. Before going on HBC, I would induce with progesterone about every 3-4 mo. and bleed for about 5-7 days.

Thoughts? Advice?
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