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How do you tell a new boss you need to take time off for therapy?

Hey awesome people!

I've been in contact with WOAR to get set up with therapy to deal with some stuff that happened a long time ago. When I first started talking to them and when I had my intake I was not working and wasn't sure if/when I would be working. I had hoped that I would be a couple of sessions in by the time I started, but it took awhile and I haven't even started one. When they were trying to set me up with someone, their latest appointment was at 5:30 in the evening, I start work monday (2/13) 45 minutes away from my house in a different state and I'm scheduled to get off at six. To make their latest appointment I would need to get off work at 4, drive 45 minutes home, drop the car off, and then take the bus for 30 minutes to downtown (I can't afford parking in the city).

This is only a temp position and is only supposed to last for about 2 months, and I'm not sure that they would be okay with me leaving work 2 hours early one day every week, even though I'd be more than willing to stay late one or two days a week AND skip my lunch that day.

My mental health is super important, because I'm absolutely not okay (possible bi-polar and/or ptsd,  major depression, and anger issues, all untreated), but I desperately need the job (we are barely able to pay our bills and buy food).

How do I bring this up to my supervisor without disclosing too much information and without risking my job? Is there any way I can demand this time off? Help! What do I do?
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