e_n_t_i_t_y (e_n_t_i_t_y) wrote in vaginapagina,

Where are my cramps?

Hey friends!

I have another quandary. My period started yesterday. Normally, I get pretty bad cramps for either half of the day or half of the night within the first day of my period. Last month, I had cramps but they were completely tolerable (no pain killers necessary and I slept fine, etc). I attributed this to having sex on the morning I started my period because I've heard that having an orgasm helps alleviate cramps, and endorphins (yay kissing!) can act as natural painkillers as well.

But THIS month, I have nothing to attribute it to, and I didn't even have minor cramping! I twinged a little bit around when I started bleeding, but then didn't have any cramps after that. I haven't had sex since the first day of my last period. My period is right on time- one day early, in fact. And it's definitely actual period (last night I filled half my divacup).

I am okay with this- not having cramps is really freeing and I feel good! But I had gotten so accustomed to them as part of my period experience, it feels kind of weird not having them... All I can think is that I'm less stressed out than I used to be? I graduated college in December so my life in general is a lot more free and I have been really really happy... but still... *poof!*

Any ideas where they went?
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