e_n_t_i_t_y (e_n_t_i_t_y) wrote in vaginapagina,

Post-sex claustrophobia?

Last month I had sex on the day I started my period and I let my lover cum inside of me. I had previously never let anyone cum inside of me. After we had sex we went into the shower to rinse off and after about 10 minutes I felt really claustrophobic and dizzy and nauseous. I turned off the water, sat on the floor and made man friend get out of the shower and give me a glass of water and some space. I recovered pretty quickly, and I figure I was just hungry and tired and feeling a lot at once... I don't easily feel nauseous and don't really ever remember feeling claustrophobic before so this was pretty weird.

I'm not too worried about what happened because I think my body was just overwhelmed, but I am curious if anyone has had anything like this happen to them? Or why?
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