miss k (agentscuiy) wrote in vaginapagina,
miss k

Chewing vs. swallowing Generess pills

I posted a few weeks ago about crazy bleeding on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. Well, the crazy bleeding never stopped, so I went to my gyno today and she decided that triphasic pills are not for me. She gave me Generess FE, a pill I'd never heard of. I was on Femcon FE for 5 years, which I loved, but the estrogen dosage was unnecessarily strong for my size. Generess is basically a lower-dose Femcon, with the same active ingredients, just in different amounts.

When I got home and read all the packaging, I realized these, like Femcon, are chewable. My doctor didn't mention that to me, which is where my question lies. The prescribing information says to chew and swallow the pill without water. It says nothing about swallowing the pill whole - either that it's okay or not okay. Femcon has detailed directions to chew and swallow with a LOT of water, or to just swallow it whole. When I took Femcon, I always swallowed it whole. I have no desire to chew my birth control, so I'm wondering why - if it's practically the same pill - the ingestion methods are so different.

I'll have to wait until Monday to ask my doctor and I want to start taking the pills tomorrow, so I figured I'd ask here... Does anyone else take Generess and have a straight answer? Will the effectiveness be compromised if I swallow it whole?

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