Vvalkyri (vvalkyri) wrote in vaginapagina,

Changing emotional effects of cycle over time?

Got a couple questions more for the older women in this group:

1) have you noticed your periods getting worse over the years?
2) more specifically, have the emotional effects gotten worse?

I don't think I started getting any particular pain with my period until my late 20s, and it's increased a bit since, but still to a level easily managed with an alleve or a couple advil. I was past 30 before the emotioanal magnifier I suppose is usually labeled PMS started to make an appearance, and it's still a new enough thing for me that I have no idea how to prepare and I often only realize what's going on in retrospect. Calendars are likely now my friend, but I'm wondering whether this is something a lot of people have.

So this brings me to 3) suggestions?
One friend has reported good experience with evening primrose oil as a way to tame hormonal emotional volitility.
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