Shelby (cattylina) wrote in vaginapagina,

yet another pregnancy scare. help please?

some background: I'm 19 years old, taking Generess FE. I'm in a stable, committed relationship with a wonderful man and we're planning on starting a family somewhere in the next couple years.

We had sex when I was on the inactive pills that are supposed to give you your period. We used a condom, the condom broke. We bought Plan B. Now that, right there, is 3 forms of birth control. But, I went to the ER with really bad pelvic pain on Friday from a reaction from the Plan B.

I took a pregnancy test in the ER, never heard anything. Went to a new OB/GYN today, and she was like “you could possibly be pregnant; these things happen”.

I’m still taking birth control pills, but I haven’t gotten my period. At this point, it’s a week late, and the ER said that there was no sign of it showing upon a physical exam or the two ultrasounds they took.

I've been experiencing CRAZY mood swings (full disclosure: I'm bipolar, but medicated. This was...something different. Never experienced this before). Hot flashes, nausea, feeling faint, odd dreams.

What are the chances, do y'all think?
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