bear1gb (bear1gb) wrote in vaginapagina,

Boil/cyst on labia?

After a result of some grinding on the guy I've been seeing for a while, I think I have developed some sort of boil or cyst on my vagina. I have what feels like a circular lump underneath my skin that is a little painful. It just developed literally overnight. There isn't any pus or fluid coming out of it, not yet at least. It doesn't hurt when I sit down or move, but if it's touched it feels sort of painful. I get cystic acne on my face sometimes and I liken the pain/manifestation from those cystic pimples on my face to what I'm feeling now, if that makes any sense.

Basically, it's a pea-sized lump where some of my hair grows on my vagina, and is mildly painful but not unbearable. I didn't even notice it until I sat down and went to the bathroom. I recently shaved and I'm very prone to ingrown hairs/irritation, and my guy and I were fooling around for quite a bit last night.

Does anybody have ideas for a remedy for this bump? Does it sound like this is a cyst/boil? I am prone to acne and sometimes get it "down there", but I am hoping it is just a cyst/boil and not anything more serious like herpes or an infection. The guy and I haven't had sex but we have done other stuff and I think the friction from all the rubbing might have caused me some issues :(. Should I be concerned about this?
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