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Shaving :)

Hey guys. I have a question about shaving down there... I don't do it too often, like not the main area, because well, no one see's it but me. But still, sometimes I like to go and shave it all off just to feel... Cleaner, you know?

However, whenever I do shave, it feels fine and smooth for that one night, then the next day I have small red bumps, or in grown hairs? I can't really tell. All I know is that it's annoying, and it hurts sometimes when I'm walking. I wouldn't call it a rash really, just little bumps around my vag and thighs. So my question is, would you recommend any shaving techniques or creams? I'm scared to try any lotions I have because they're scented and I'm afraid that might agitate it. Also my hairs grow back picky (lmao) so it sucks :(

Another small question, not too sure if this is answerable, but when I was younger, like 12, and first started shaving, I think I shaved a little bit under my belly button because I thought that there wasn't supposed to be hair there, even though they were like invisible tummy hairs. Ever since then I've had to keep shaving it because they grow back dark. And I'm worried because one day if I want to wear a bikini, I'll have a freakin treasure trail like a dude! Any suggestions? My friends told me they "dyed" their stomach hairs... Is that even possible?

Help, I feel like an ape.
Thank you!
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