Betty (im4ft12) wrote in vaginapagina,

solo sex

Hello all, I've actually taken myself off the sex market, so to speak, for a while. All my recent partners have just been mediocre at best, so I'm holding out for something better, probably within the context of an exclusive relationship. That being said, I'm not down about my decision, but I do need some tips about how to spice things up with myself! I've been successfully masturbating to orgasm since age 12 so I'm no stranger to it, or to trying some different techniques, but I thought I'd hear some favorites from other people. I'm mostly a clitoral stimulation kinda girl, some penetration is ok but won't get me there alone (when I'm alone anyway). I have some bullet type vibrators that I enjoy, and would like more but don't really have the finances for that right now. I've also been a fan of laying under a tub faucet in the past as well, but living with room mates this doesn't always work out so well. Also, any good porn sites out there? I usually rely on redtube, but there's only so many on there I like, mainly women-focused ones. is AMAZING but I can't afford a membership right now :-/
Thanks everyone for any input or tips you may pass my way!
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