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Shopping for a new doctor

I live in Northern Virginia (specifically Manassas) and I think I'm in the market for a new doctor. My current doctor I've been seeing for about ten or so years, and while I've never had any real issues with her, more and more recently I'm feeling like her bedside manner is not quite what I'm looking for.

Thursday I went in for a follow up pap because I had some abnormal cells six months prior. At my appointment six months ago I'd been prescribed HBC (Alesse 28). I've been having issues with some of the side effects and wanted to switch, but when she came in for my appointment Thursday, not only did she seem completely disinterested in talking to me (she didn't even ask me how I was doing on my birth control), but the nurse left the door WIDE OPEN when I was in the stirrups and she left the room to get a swab for something else I'd had concerns about.

I may be wrong, but aren't doctors supposed to care about new prescriptions and their patients' privacy and all that? Additionally, she still has not called in my new prescription to my pharmacy (which I had to ask her as she was rushing out the door).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could suggest an office/doctor that has great bedside manner and whose doctors actually care about talking to their patients, or how I might go about looking for a new doctor myself. Thanks so much in advance. :)
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