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What To Do About My Heavy Period (With Restrictions)

This is a "I am freaking out probably for no reason but please help" post.

I got a Mirena last year to help cope with my heavy periods.  It is starting to seem like it's having a very negative effect on my mood.  (Not 100% sure, but I'm going to go 75% sure). If I get it removed, though, I'm likely to go back to Periods From Hell. I would really appreciate help thinking though some of my other options. 

My period history: Started menstruating at age 12, periods were heavy from the start.  Got on the pill at age 18 and stayed on it until age 22 or 23 because it was inflaming my migraines and mood swings. The pill helped--my withdrawal bleeds each month were rather light and manageable. When I got off the Pill again, though, I went back to the "bleed through a 'super plus' tampon" every two hours" routine. Over time, my periods got worse. By March of last year, when I had the Mirena put in, I was bleeding through a super-plus tampon every hour and filling a Diva Cup in about 1.5 hours.

What I Can't Do: Birth control with any kind of hormones because of the depression.

What I Don't Have (ruled out by tests/ultrasounds/exams): Anemia (amazingly enough), Adenomyoma, PCOS, Polyps, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Hemophilia of any variety including Von Willbrand's, Thyroid Problems, STIs, PID, Any Kind of Uterine Structure Abnormality.

When I got the IUD, I was told that my other options were Lysteda, a new medication to treat excess bleeding that may or may not help.  Uterine ablation. A D&C (although pretty much nobody thought that was a good idea). Hysterectomy.

I'm 34, childfree, and it seems like doing anything that would permanently compromise my fertility is a bad idea.  If I was 40, I'd be okay with it.  Right now?  I'm not.

Your help appreciated.
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