fakeredbangs (fakeredbangs) wrote in vaginapagina,

vaginal bleeding/ discharge

I had sex thursday evening for the first time in a very long time, almost 2 years and while i did not tell him to take it easy and turned out he was larger than i thought, i bleed a bit afterwards, Since that night i no longer have fresh red blood but instead seem to be discharging brown blood (similar to the end of period cycle) and sometimes its gummy like snot. I am more worried over the fact that its been 4 days and no matter how many times i wipe with TP, i am still coming away with this brown blood (at least i hope it is).

Can anyone offer thoughts? The usual: is this normal, should i be worried, should i wait until this stops to have sex again?

Honestly i feel like someone who just lost their virginity again, except i do not remember having this issue when i did. 
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