bustyarhymes (bustyarhymes) wrote in vaginapagina,

Red spots, painful urethra

Hi I come with a couple of questions.

First of all, about 2 weeks ago, I had some itching in my genital area, and now I recently shaved and saw that I had some red rash in the perianal area (picture nsfw: http://db.tt/krdjXFbA ) there is no pain but the rare occasional itch, and no fever. I suspect it is genital herpes even though the last time I had sex was the beginning of November 2011. the most annoying thing about it is it had remained like this for 2 weeks, neither healing nor worsening. Would these count as an 'open sore' even though they are not bleeding? For the time being, I am applying coconut oil.

Another concurrent, but longer term issue is that my urethra is painful to the touch (especially the section contained within the vaginal walls) no issue with urination, simply pain upon direct contact. I had std testing in December, negative for all stds, and this only started from the day that I contracted a uti (day before I last had sex). Once the uti was cleared with no bacteria, the urethra was still in pain. Could it possibly be as a result of herpes? There are no blisters as far as I know. I have been on a progestin birth control since October, could it be the cause?

In relation to that, has anyone had experience with topical anesthetics during sex for vulvodynia?

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