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the period that won't stop ( or even start, really...)

So I browsed the tags and couldn't find any posts addressing this (I surfed "menstruation: general" and the most recent two pages of posts), so I thought I'd ask you folks before I make a doctor's appt.
I'm 26, nulliparous, no HBC in almost 4 years, currently an imperfect user of condoms with a male partner with a genetic condition that makes his fertility unlikely.  Fairly regular heavy periods for the thirteen years since menarche, with accompanying cramps, etc (normal PMS).  Obese.

Now!  I have been having very light bleeding since the 12th-13th of January (a little early for my cycle, but within normal variation).  It never really progressed beyond the amount of blood I would normally associate with the day before my period started, and about 80% of the time it is brown blood. No clot material (I usually pass small, O2-rich clots during the heaviest days of my period), never enough fluid to make a cup or tampon anything more than an exercise in chafing, but never more than 6-10 hours between needing to wipe away the bloody discharge.

I did have unprotected sex during my last ovulation cycle, but as I said, part of the phenotype of my partner's condition is a 95% occurrence of infertility in men due to absence of vas deferens.  He's played his odds with other partners in the past and is as certain as possible (absent a sperm count) that he is infertile.  Also, 25 continuous days of bleeding is a little excessive for implantation bleeding possibilities.

Any ideas?  Hints?

[Edited for minor corrections.]
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