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Okay.  For the last 6 months I've started having a clear, watery, odorless, vaginal discharge during my period.  It's so much that it fills tampons.  I assumed it was possibly an ovarian cyst because about 8 years ago a gyno told me that I had them.  I didn't really believe her because the reason for my trip to the gyno wasn't really gyno related and other than peeing in a cup and talking to her, she didn't do any other sort of examinations.  I've always had really really heavy and extremely painful periods with clotting.   Well in the last week I started also bleeding in between my periods.  It ranges from light pink to bright red and even a clot or two.  It isn't heavy and with the exception of one night where i needed to wear a tampon.  And even then, the tampon was mostly filled with the clear, watery, odorless fluid.  Yesterday I started having dull lower back pain (mostly on my right side).  I don't really have pain anywhere else.  Last night I was just more aware of the presence of my whole pelvic region.  I don't know if that makes sense but I'd hate to call it pain.  Today I wake up and I feel fine.  No pain, no blood, no discharge.  Im thinking it's a UTI.  What are your thoughts?  Google just tells me I'm going to die from cancer.  If you're going to give me the "go to the dr." response (lol) please at least tell me what you think it is and what types of test the Dr would do on me.  I have extreme anxiety about Drs and being touched by strangers so knowing what I'm in for helps relieve that. 

Thanks so much!
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