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Concerns about tampon use

Okay, so to start with, I am currently 23 years old and have been using pads since the age of 12 when I first started menstruating. Anyway, recently, I decided to start using tampons because I've always hated the feel of wearing a pad and how self-conscious it makes me and how I always have to wear certain kinds of clothes and underwear to feel comfortable, etc. So I went and bought the recommended Tampax Pearl Lite as the "beginner" tampon. I started my period this morning and decided to give it a try. I had no problem inserting it. It went smoothly, however, a few minutes later, I suddenly felt light-headed and nauseous and before I knew it, I woke up from having passed out. I read about TSS and I know this can't be the issue considering that you would have to have left it in for a long time or have used the highest absorbency, but in this case, I used the lowest one available, so it can't be TSS. Also, after I woke up from having fainted, I instantly took it out and put on a pad. I then experienced the most horrific cramps of my life. I was literally screaming in pain as if someone stabbed me in my uterus and twisted the knife over and over. I don't know if this is related to the tampon or if this is just one of the months where I got one of my worst cramps (I do have a history of having bad cramps during periods, some worse than others, but none have been this bad). Also, for the record, I am sexually active so I don't know if this has anything to do with that either. I do plan on going to the gyno as soon as I find one that takes my insurance because I do plan on getting on the pill. I'm kind of scared of using a tampon now because of what happened. Should I be worried? Maybe try again later? I just want to be sure that this isn't something I should be scaring myself over.
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