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EDITED Mysterious itching

Today I noticed some itching located just at my vaginal opening, that was more than just a passing itch. When I finally had the opportunity to dip into the bathroom for a scratch, it felt like the itching just wouldn't go away. I checked with a mirror to see if anything looking unusual, but aside from looking a little red and inflamed (which I assume is from scratching), I couldn't really see anything different. I don't think it's a yeast infection, because there's no discharge and no odor. I am going to my doctor tomorrow for a follow up pap, so I'll ask her about it if it continues or gets worse, but til then, any thoughts on what it could be?

For a little supplemental info, I am sexually active with only one partner, but I haven't had sex since Saturday. I'm taking Alesse 28 for birth control, have no STIs, and I'm getting over a nasty cold.

Thanks in advance.:)

ETA While doing some more in depth looking, I did discover what feels to be a pimple. But it's on the inside of my vagina, and I didn't think they could form there. Is this possible? Could it be something else (I guess it could always be something else XD), and if so, what? It's rather uncomfortable (it's gone from itchy to painful now). Should I try to pop it? Chances are I'll likely have to wait for my doctor to take a look, but that's not until tomorrow, and I'd prefer to have some ideas now. :x
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