Luna (ninimoon) wrote in vaginapagina,

A question from a friend!

Hello folks! I was emailing back and forth with a friend and she knows of this site (because every time I'm freaking out about pregnancy I come here!) so she asked me to please post this here seeing as she doesn't have a lj account. 

Well, I am not sure but I think I may be pregnant. I haven't gotten tested (yet, too scared to) but the thing is that I sorta kinda feel pregnant (though I've never been pregnant before). I've been having headaches, lower back pain, my periods have gotten a bit shorter and my breasts are achy. I also gained a couple of pounds over the last two months and been getting weird food cravings and just wanting to eat everything all the time. I got a BV which is weird because I never get them and I've also been feeling rather faint (almost fainted the other day) and getting cramps in the middle of my cycle or even just randomly. Also, over the past few days my sex drive has SKYROCKETED. I will, no lie, have sex with my boyfriend then masturbate, then want sex again, then masturbate once or twice before bed! This is not my usual behavior at all. Which reminds me that I'm also extremely moody and emotional. This would not be odd as I tend to be when I start a new pill pack but it's been CONSTANT now. Oh and I am getting the weirdest 'hot' moments at night... heck I am always 'hot' now. Hot as in temperature and I'll need the AC on or I sweat like crazy.

As for birth control I am on the combined pill and I was a perfect user until last month when I turned more into a not SO perfect user. I have yet to miss a pill though but I no longer have been able to take it within the SAME time EVERY night so sometimes I'll be up to an hour or two late. If it's of any relevance my mother didn't know she was pregnant with ME until she was around 3 months along as she had decidual bleeding so it wouldn't be totally crazy for me to. My mother and sister also BOTH suffer from PCOS but I have never been diagnosed and have always had a very regular period. 

Thank you for reading through this!

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