some kind of happiness is measured out in miles (plasticpepper) wrote in vaginapagina,
some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

Relief for minor cuts/scratches?

Howdy, VPers! Sorry to post with a question that I'm sure has been asked before, but I went back a ways and couldn't find anything similar and didn't see anything in the tags either.

I've got some minor cuts/scratches around the area of my fourchette/perineum, and they're driving me crazy. I've got some general irritation of the entire area going on due to, er, overuse (:P), which for a while was just soreness but then eventually started to turn itchy, and I'm pretty sure that's where the cuts came from - I checked multiple times and didn't see them back when everything was just sore/irritated, so I think I did it myself scratching the itch. Oops. Anyway, now that I have these scratches, the area is SUPER itchy and it's driving me bonkers. I'm trying my darnedest not to scratch it and make it worse, but it's so itchy!

So, any suggestions as to anything I could do to relieve the itch and/or help speed up the healing process?
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