dubaco (dubaco) wrote in vaginapagina,

a map of a woman


I am invading my body. all the time i have been in possession of it i have never owned it. 

First it was owned by the hetronormitive society i was born into
Then it was owned by the media via womans magasines telling my mother what to eat, think and feel - even in the womb
Next it was turn of the doctors, who inisted on saving my life (i'm not able to give concent as i had just been born and was not breathing fully, also not able to talk yet)  
Then the education system which demolished my self confidance by insisting i was/am stupid, as i have dyslexia and did not support me so i did not get th education i deserved,
next the medical community when i tried to explore my gender.
after that the queer commnity - with expectations i will have shaved heads 

is there a map like this of a womans life?

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