Melly (melly_owl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Diflucan interacting with Ortho Novum 777 (birth control pills)

Hello. I've been battling a yeast infection from hell so I've been taking Diflucan. I took one Diflucan this past Tuesday and one the Tuesday before. Last night my boyfriend and I had sex. I'm on Ortho Novum 777 and take my pills the same time everyday, I rarely screw up the times and I haven't missed a day probably over a year. Does Diflucan interact with birth control pills? My midwife didn't tell me to use a back-up method. According to the period tracker ap on my phone, I'm on a high fertility day. I actually work in an OB GYN office and I've never heard anyone say that a back up method was needed and my office gives out Diflucan a lot. I'm going to ask the nurses at work tomorrow but I need my mind eased right now. Please help.
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