dragonflyinlove (dragonflyinlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ok...so this is not a BF question but...

I had my son on the 4th of October

Im exclusively pumping if that may affect things.

On the 9th of December I had my copper IUD put in, prior to that we been using spermicidal condoms in addition to pulling out (even with the condoms except for maybe two times we got carried away).

We resumed sex a week after the insertion (OB advised waiting a month) but we used condoms again except for once on the 28th and then we went bareback from then on out.

I had a period on December 26th and ending on the 30th.

I had some minor spotting last week.

My projected start date for this month was the 23rd...and so far, nothing...

What are the odds Im pregnant?

When would be a good time to test?

Im no feeling crampy or anything and its worth noting that I have had irregular periods in the past but prior to this pregnancy I used BC to skip them all together.

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