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Anal sex and Hemorrhoids

So on Tuesday I posted This about some bum itchiness after anal sex. Not necessary to go back and read.

Long story short, I had anal sex on Saturday, it was great but not really prepared for and there was some roughness. I was sore on Sunday/Monday, and my butt hole—only the hole—starting itching on Monday. The itchiness/discomfort got really bad on Tuesday night and yesterday in the morning.

I originally thought it was irritation from the rougher moments, but was in so much discomfort yesterday that I broke down and told my mom that I was itching. I really felt uncomfortable telling her that I had anal sex, so she surmised on her own that this had to do with pooping issues. We're pretty close and she asked to take a look at my bum, and she said she could see a few tiny hemorrhoids but nothing looked bad or scary. I went to the drug store and bought the Preparation H cream with Pramoxine which makes my symptoms go away COMPLETELY for a large number of hours before I have to re-apply.

I did some research online and some places say that anal sex can cause hemorrhoids, and other places say that this is a myth but that of course anal sex can aggravate them. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease after problems with extreme constipation, so I have had hemorrhoids before. I *think* that hemorrhoids never quite go away, but they do shrink and become fairly unnoticeable.

I tend to have very bad anxiety when it comes it issues with my... am trying to stay calm and would really appreciate some advice. I will see a doctor if that is recommended but I don't want to go unnecessarily to a doctor because of my own anxieties. I don't really feel that bad anymore because the cream is helping amazingly (though I'm in discomfort if I don't use it). I really, really doubt I have some other type of infection because of how localized the discomfort is and because the feeling is quite similar (just a bit more uncomfortable) to the issue i had a number of years ago.

Basically i just want some reassurance that this problem can happen, that I haven't harmed myself for all of eternity, etc. I'll go from thinking "it's okay, you have some irritation of your butt and perhaps old hemorrhoids, you'll feel better in a few days!" to "omg, you've irreparably damaged your butt!"

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