helpme11111 (helpme11111) wrote in vaginapagina,

Relief for bum itchiness after anal sex?

So my partner and I had anal sex on Saturday for the first time. I had done it once before but years ago with someone much less...endowed.

Anyway, at the...climax... it got a little rough for a few moments. I was deliciously sore Sunday and yesterday but today all the soreness is gone and I am left with, well, an itchy bum!

I'm 100% sure this is irritation from the rougher moments (recently tested negative for all STDs, used a condom, and a for a few random moments i could feel the friction), and that it will disappear in the next few days. But in the meantime, what's the best thing to use on my itchiness? I've been using a preparation H gel which soothes for about 2 minutes and then I'm back to hopping back and forth, which looks a little awkward at my place of work! Cortozone?

I also used a massage oil as a lubricant because it was a bit impromptu and I had left my water-based, fragrance free, vagina-friendly lube at my house. I tend to get a bit paranoid about vagina-related problems so I made sure to shower immediately after and use a bit of soap to get the oil off, and my vagina feels happy as a clam (oh dear, no pun intended) ...I should be all clear from infection, right? I realize it's probably dumb to ask for reassurance when I feel fine, but therein lies my madness. I hear so much about how using a bad product can cause infection that I forget that it sometimes might not...

Thanks everyone!
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