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Studies about the safety of HBC and its usage for dysmenorrhea

Hey there,
I posted this two years ago, saying how my periods were awful and I couldn't leave my house on the first day.

Things are the same, slightly better as in I don't spend the day lying in bed, but can't do anything, between the pain, the nauseas and the heavy flow. And it sucks.
Now I'm in college (I live with my parents, tho) and it's difficult to miss full days of class. And with my luck, my period tend to fall on exam days or important lectures (of course, my parents still think missing class is a perfect valid option and I'm exaggerating)

I've tried Ibuprofen, various antispasmodics and Ponstel. Ibu and the antispasmodics make me throw up, so I'm stuck with Ponstel. I know there are some NSAIDs I haven't tried, but I'm scared of trying and throwing up.

So, last week I finally told my parents about my desire to try HBC (yes, I know, it took me years, I have other issues with them that make communication difficult at best)
They accepted to take me to a gynaecologist, but they are very much against HBC (I know I'm 18 and it's my choice, but life with my parents is difficult enough).

I looked up serious studies and such trying to find useful info about the use of HBC for dysmenorrhea, but my dad says they are not enough (oh, before I forget, they are both doctors)

I quote what he just emailed to me: "Isn't there any study that relates the risks of HBC - basically at a cardiovascular level and regarding breast cancer- with its results for dysmenorrhea? Is it justified to take such risks if the symptoms are not that serious?"

So, besides being pissed off at the "not that serious" part, I'm trying to find studies to show him.
Help me there superstars? Basically, any serious studies that mention the use of HBC for dysmenorrhea, HBC side effects, or the correlation between HBC usage and cancer, are golden.
(I don't link to the ones I have already showed him because they were in Spanish)

Thank you, and sorry for the wordy post,
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