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HPV and Guys

So last February my PAP came back as HPV+, when I was still with my ex (who gave it to me; it was one of the ways I found out he had cheated on me). Back in...September, I think, I did another PAP and it came back HPV+ still, and it was upgraded to low-risk, so my gyno wants to do a colposcopy. I've been trying to do it for a few months now, but I'm having allergy problems down there so we have to treat that first.

ANYWAYS, for my question, I just got a new boyfriend, and I know the topic of sex will come up. I AM going to tell him I have HPV, but I was wondering, is it still okay to have sex with him (with condoms, of course) while my tests are still coming back positive? I don't have any visible warts (and none that I can feel) but I know that they aren't always visible, and the virus can still be spread. I'm pretty sure he's still a virgin, too, so he probably hasn't been exposed to the virus at all.

I guess I just think it's fair to tell him that I'm HPV+ (although I am worried what he'll think about it...). I would really, really like to have sex, but not if it would put him at risk (although I think the risks are different for males).

I'm going to discuss it with my doctor, too, but I'd like to hear what everyone here at VP thinks, and any personal stories about people in similar situations and how they handled it would be much appreciated. :)

Thank you!
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