Alyce (thalionhiril) wrote in vaginapagina,


My midwife is pretty sure that I have pcos.  We're awaiting blood results to see if my testosterone levels have gone down within the past 2 months (just went off hormonal birth control last September), but the transvaginal ultrasound showed that my ovaries are consistent with a PCOS diagnosis.  

What I'm really wondering is, for those of you with pcos, have you been able to use less invasive methods to improve your symptoms? I want to exhaust all non-prescription methods first, so leaning more toward dietary modifications, exercise, herbal supplements, acupuncture, etc.  Within the past month I've increased the amount I exercise and typically try to eat a healthy diet, but could definitely eat more fruits and vegetables. I had a physical in December and my blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure are all within normal limits. 

This is definitely something I'll be discussing with my midwife at my next appointment but right now I'm feeling a little defeated  My partner and I are hoping to conceive soon and this is just gigantically, scary news for us.  I know that women with pcos can and have conceived, but I'm also finding information that there is an increased risk of miscarriage and breastfeeding issues.  Definitely could use a little "I have pcos and lovely baby(ies) that I breastfed forever..." talk right about now, if there are any of you out there.  
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