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What to do after completing an 18 month term on Dianette

Within the next month or so i will have completed an 18 month course of the HBC Dianette. I was originally prescribed Dianette because of my acne problem (now i also use it as contraception) and it has really helped my skin although not cleared it up completely but certainly made it bearable.
I am a 19 year old who has normal blood pressure, doesn't smoke and has no history of Coronary disease in the family however i'm pretty certain my GP will not continue to let me take Dianette for any longer (fair enough).
My big concern, however, is that my hormones are still all over the place and my acne will come back with a vengeance as soon as i stop taking a HBC that is designed to block Testosterone production. 
Before being prescribed Dianette i took Yasmin for 9 months and it affected my moods so badly that i lost friends and even my family didn't want to be around me so, naturally, i want to avoid going back to it even though it helped my skin.

So here's my main questions:
- Do you know of any other HBCs (available in the UK) that help with acne that i could ask to be put on to ( i dont want to go straight to my doctor without doing my research and end up on a pill that doesn't help me at all so i thought asking here would be a good start)
- If i do switch to another pill that supposedly helps with acne will there be a period of adjusting where my acne will flare up?
- And i'm sorry if this question goes against the rules but i'm slightly curious as to whether anyone else who has been on Dianette noticed a serious decrease in the quality of their nails? Mine have become easy to chip and bits just flake off daily but it only occurred to me recently that before i started taking Dianette they were very healthy and in the past 18 months or so they've gone "down hill".

Sorry for the long text post!
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