dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in vaginapagina,

Betty Dodson Explains (and Demonstrates) How To Have An Orgasm

Dear VP Peeps--

I was looking around on the Dodson/Ross website and came across this TV show from the Netherlands:

In it, starting around 33:35, Dodson explains how to have an orgasm while her website partner, Carlin Ross, actually does it. She emphasizes rhythmic muscle contraction and deep breathing.  People have orgasms in lots of different ways (and they are all good!), but I thought this one might be of interest to the VP community. I found the video itself to be extremely tastefully done while also being very clear.  You do, in fact, see Carlin's vulva and vagina as she brings herself to orgasm.  It's like a very calm yoga class or massage instruction, actually. I realized, too, that this is pretty much what I do when I masturbate (sorry if that's TMI) but I could try a couple of variations suggested in the video.

I like this because, again, it's a very clear explanation of something to try, and because Carlin is masturbating -- she's doing it for herself. Sometimes sex instructional videos where other people touch the person having an orgasm make me really uncomfortable.

CAVEAT: This is a video of a woman having an orgasm.  Straight up.  It's not safe for [most] work.
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