Storydreamer (karalianne) wrote in vaginapagina,

Question about HBC.

First, thank you everyone for your advice on my last post about my dry lips and my co-worker's period migraines. I had relief for a few days and now my lips are all dry again, so I've found some of my beeswax lip gloss and I'm using that. As for the other, I try not to make unsolicited suggestions; if she complains, I will ask her if she would like some ideas because I did some reading and asking around, and if she says no I will leave it at that. (I've had lots of unsolicited advice about some of my own problems, and I know how annoying it is!)

So here's the question. It's not something I need to know now, but I am curious about how long it typically takes for a woman to become pregnant after she stops taking HBC. Does it depend on how long she's been on the pill, how perfect her use has been, or maybe even how old she is?

I've been on Yaz for about two years now, and have near-perfect use. We aren't planning to start trying to get pregnant quite yet (definitely not until after my cyst is removed); probably not until late this year at the earliest, and I'll turn 36 in September.

Mostly I'm just curious what the average is. I know that some women get pregnant right away, and others take months, but I don't know what the usual is.
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