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Reduced Libido and Birth Control Pills: How long did it take for your sex drive to come back?

Hi Everyone,

I'm really starting to freak out here.  I went on birth control pills right before my 18th birthday, and I'm 25 now.  I never discontinued use, because doctors always swore that there was no reason to, even when I wasn't in a relationship.

Over the seven years that I was on them, my sex drive has continued to decrease, and it eventually barely existed at all.  I tried all different brands and types of pills, but switching didn't seem to help much.

Before I started taking the pills, I had a very high sex drive.  It just seems really ironic and unfair - back in high school, when I had a very high libido, I resisted the urge to have sex.  Then, I got on the Pill, and never really enjoyed having sex, and I've not even been very interested in it anymore.  It really affected my relationships.

Now, I'm engaged, and I only have the desire to have sex about once every two weeks.  Even then, I don't really 'get in the mood' that much, and I could usually really just take it or leave it.  It feels like I'm going through the motions of sex, but that I'm not nearly as into it as I want to be.

A month ago, I finally got a copper IUD (Paragard) and ditched the pills.  The problem is that I haven't really seen an increase in my sex drive at all, except when I was ovulating - and that increase only lasted for about two days.  Now, I'm back to nothing.

Apparently, it used to be said that the birth control pill did not alter the libido in the long term, and that discontinuation would stop all bad effects.  I guess doctors just assumed that if a woman's libido did not return, it was just because she would not have had a high sex drive during that stage of her life anyway, regardless of whether she ever took the Pill or not.

I just read about a research study that shows that the Pill may permanently greatly increase the levels of SBHG, which is produced by the liver and binds free testosterone - neutralizing it and making it unusable.  Free testosterone is essential for a woman's libido, and the increased SBHG really seems to decrease it.  I have been reading that this effect lasts for years after stopping the Pill, and that it may even be permanent.

I am really horrified.  I want to be a sexual being again.  I want to enjoy being intimate with my fiancé, and I am so frustrated and scared that I will never feel normal again.  I have asked on some communities that do not focus on sexual health at all, and many women said that it took years for their sex drive to really return, or that it never did.

I'm really hoping that all of this is wrong, and that my sex drive returns very soon.

What have you all experienced?  Did the Pill reduce your sex drive?  Did it come back after discontinuing the Pill? If so, how long did it take?

I sincerely appreciate all of your responses!

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