chem_lover (chem_lover) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missing Periods

I've always had regular periods, until recently. I was on the pill, had a normal period August, nothing September, period October, and then nothing since. I mentioned it to my doctor who basically told me that any amount of brown blood when I wiped counted as a period (I haven't had any spotting) and that most women appreciate not having periods (time to find a new doctor). I know they're just withdrawal bleeds but I'd rather have them. The fact that this is happening now when I've been on the pill for a few years is strange. There's no way I'm pregnant (no sex recently), and I haven't had any major changes/ stress in my life.

When do lack of periods become a concern? I stopped taking the BC to see if that was causing it when I finished my pack in December but I should have had a period by now. I've stopped in the past and had a period 30ish days later. I don't know if I've even ovulated yet so I have no idea if/when I'm going to have this period. Any ideas? Thanks
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