onlygoodbook (onlygoodbook) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very light period.

I'm just coming off of a very light period, and its lightness is concerning me. I lost a decent amount of blood the first day and had cramps, and then the bleeding tapered off steeply. I barely bled at all on the third day, and not at all on the fourth or fifth. I typically have painful and heavy periods that last about five days, though I have had a few periods in the past year that have been milder in terms of blood loss and cramps (I'm 23 and my periods seem to be downshifting after several years of steadily worsening pain and bleeding). My period arrived right when I expected it. It was preceded by a few days of cramps, and the usual PMS, though a few days before my period started, I ran a high fever all day for no obvious reason (I tend to get sick often - my immune system seems to be made of flypaper, but did not get sick... just had a fever).

My only thought about why my period might have been so much lighter is that I've been taken women's multi-vitamins every day this past cycle in an attempt to reduce my cramps (I've heard that vitamin E, the B vitamins, magnesium, and calcium can help reduce cramps). Usually, I don't remember to take vitamins at all, and my body tends toward anemia and vitamin-B deficiency. Could dramatically increasing vitamin and calcium intake reduce my total bleeding as well?

Pregnancy is possible but unlikely (condoms used religiously during fertile window, withdrawal once I was a week away from my period), but I can't help but worry about it and wonder if I should test. I ovulated on day 14-15, and started relying on withdrawal after day 22.
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