ride_a_swell (ride_a_swell) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hydrogen Peroxide Douche

I had a DELIGHTFUL yeast infection last week, which I treated with hydrogen peroxide as I had in the past.  I currently use a NuvaRing.  I took it out when I douched and kept it out for ten-fifteen minutes afterward until everything "soaked up".  I know hydrogen peroxide is normally occurring in a vagina, but I'm not sure if I "killed" it.  That's why I kept it out, waited for it to absorb.

I called the company and they suggested I use alternative protection, just in case.  I'm cool with that, but I started spotting and I'm curious if that has something to do with the hydrogen peroxide killing the ring or because I took it out ten minutes a day for five days.  I just had my period, I don't want it again!  Plus, if the ring is dead, I don't want to be off it an entire month.  I had terrible spotting for three months when I first put it in two years ago.  I'd like to not relive that!

Anyone insight or experience with this would be appreciated!!

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