piano_player_94 (piano_player_94) wrote in vaginapagina,

pain during intercourse/mild itching

Hey! I've lurked around this community for a while, but this is my first time posting.

I'm a straight, cis-female, without a lot of experience with sex. For the past month and a half to two months, I've been experiencing pain when my partner first puts it in. I'm not very good at describing pain, but it's sort of a sharp, burning sensation that seems to be kind of localized in a certain section. My partner is very good at listening to me and easing it in slowly, and after the first couple seconds it feels fine. Sometimes the pain occurs again if he's there's pretty vigorous thrusting in and out involved later.

The only other symptom I can think of is a mild itching I've been having down there, which started about four weeks after the pain, so I'm not sure if they're related. The itching seems to be aggravated by certain soaps, especially ones with fragrances, and sort of comes and goes. I haven't had any sort of unusual discharge, smells, or any other symptoms I can think of. I've tested negative for STDS, the pain occurs whether or not we use a condom, and we use lubrication so I know it isn't dryness. (I also don't think the lubrication itself is causing it, because we've used the same brand before with no problems.)

I know I probably should have seen a doctor already about this, but I had a bad medical experience earlier this year, and I'm kind of wary about seeing someone if I don't have to. Any ideas what could cause the pain?
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