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Best Way To Discuss Heavy, Persistent Bleeding With New Doctor?

A few months ago when my period was due to start I got a few gushes of blood, followed by a large clot. My doctor explained that the clot was making it so my uterus couldn't contract, thus the gush of blood until it passed. These came and went over the next week. Then I was put on Aleese and was told to take two a day for a week, then to continue taking them as normal, skipping the placebo week.

This seemed to work until I got back into my fitness routine. Everytime I did anything remotely active I would get clots and blood. (The clots ranged from small dimed size ones to ones literally the size of golf balls.) I went back to my doctor. He ordered an ultrasound (which is scheduled for June 1st) and STD tests which all came back negative.

We did some hit and miss things for a bit, and then I was put on Seasonel (unsure of spelling) which I was told was a stronger BC. I've been on that for about six weeks but bleeding began again about two weeks ago. It's a light constant bleed (no need for tampons) but if I try to work out, or even go to the mall for a couple hours, I get the gush of blood and clots. I've tried combining Super+ tampons and overnight pads and it's not enough, blood is everywhere.

Seems important to mention that only once have I had any cramps through all this. It was about two months ago and it was so bad I ended up in the ER. They gave me buscopan which helped and I had to take it regularly for about five days but after those cramps stopped I haven't had any again.

OK so, I moved to a new city at the beginning of January and am looking for a new doctor. I have a couple different appointments next week, but I'm worried about how to approach this subject. My last doctor saw no reason for me to go off work, even though I would have blood on my pants and going down my legs after a couple hours. SO GROSS!!! So I would like to convince my new doctor that I can't work until at least my ultrasound, but I don't want to sound like I'm just lazy. I also would really, really love any suggestions for tests I should maybe ask about? The ultrasound I assume is for PCOS... I've been checked for anemia a few times, STD's were all negative, and they even tested my thyroid at one point.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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