Elizabeth (silverwear) wrote in vaginapagina,

General downstairs itchiness

Hey all,

I've looked throughout the site + Vulvapedia and I can't really find anything that aligns with the question I have. I have been having some itchiness in basically my entire downstairs area, but it's mostly focused on my vagina and back. I think it's not a yeast infection (there is no unusual discharge). Notably, I am not and have never been sexually active, so that rules out a lot of things. I suppose it could be bacterial vaginosis but I don't seem to be having any symptoms of that either, aside from the itchiness (although I did read that sometimes there are no symptoms).

On the same note, I have had problems with itchiness ever since menarche. The last few days of my flow and a few days beyond that have always been pretty unpleasant. I figured it had to do with irritation due to pad usage, but I've switched to almost exclusive use of tampons (although I often use panty liners) and I feel like the problem is almost worse now.

I have sensitive skin in general, and I have had frequent problems with yeast on other parts of my body (dandruff and tinea versicolor) so I do wonder about a yeast infection. I feel like I have been sweating a lot more and that could be a cause. I just have no symptoms other than massive itchiness (that is kind of a burning itchiness) that has been going on for 2-3 weeks and I haven't had my period in this time (I stopped taking HBC in early December and have yet to get a regular period, although I did have one directly after stopping medication).

I feel like this is a broad question and I apologize, but I am at a loss because I don't feel like it's bad enough to merit a doctor visit, but Google and other sources aren't bringing anything up that isn't related to STIs etc.

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