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[Anonymous Post]: Strong uterine ache after sex on the same evening as a basal body temperature shif

Hi all,

As you might know, VP maintainers will make posts on behalf of others who wish to remain anonymous. This is one of those posts.

Please to continue your regularly scheduled awesomeness,
For the VP Team


Hello, everybody! Thanks in advance for your help.
Last night I had this distressingly strong ache--it came on suddenly after sex and felt at moments as if somebody was twisting my uterus. The ache extended to the tunnel of my vagina. I felt so moaning and groaning and started to feel prickles of sweat all over me, until I took a hot bath and zombied out in the water and calmed down, after which the ache was still present but not as strongly. Has this happened to anyone else before? Do you know what it could be? I looked it up and started to wonder if it was some new kind of ovulation pain, but I think that the temperature shift generally occurs AFTER a person has ovulated, and the pain was the day OF the temperature shift. I've been sitting at a desk a lot of the time for the past week or so, working on papers for school, so I thought that maybe being too sedentary had caused it. The things that would be scarier for me that I found when I looked up were endometriosis and implantation pain.

Background information:

I'm kind of neurotic.
My cycles are usually 31 days or so, 37 under extreme stress.
My last cycle was a 33 day cycle with a temperature shift, so I know I ovulated, but then I had sex with my male partner on the six day of the following cycle--this current cycle--no condom, but ejaculation occurred outside of my body.
Stretchy cervical mucus started on the 14th day of the cycle, with a slight temperature dip on the 15th day, then a rise in temperature yesterday and today, the 18th and 19th days of the cycle. The 18th day was the day of the pain.

What do you think? I will be so grateful for your caring and insightful commentary, the likes of which I've been secretly enjoying for years!
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