The Avant-Garde Patriot (docjen) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Avant-Garde Patriot

Last day(s) of period - can I speed it along?

Hello fabulous peoples - 
Long time lurker, first time poster - 

So I'm coming up on the end of my period - the last days.  All my uterine lining has been shed & the majority of bleeding is done.  Now it's just the last 1-3 days of a few drop of fresh blood but mostly just old blood getting out.  I was hoping this would be a short period, but it's turned into a longer one unfortunately.  I've got a hot date with my honey tomorrow & we've just started our romancing & only get to see each other every few weeks, so I want everything to be as near to perfect as I can manage.  We really love the 69 position - but I'm way too self-conscious to do so if there is any blood up inside my vaginal cavity.  Is there anything I can do to move this process along?

Reading around other internet boards people say orgasms (self induced in this case) or "lots of" exercise can help.  I'm not sure what "lots of" means as I'd say it depends on your level of exercise to begin with.  I've also never douched - my wise-women lady friends always advised against it - but sometimes there are exceptions.  Is there a natural douche or specific type that people could suggest if this might work?

Thanks everyone - seriously - I love this community.  Such a valuable resource.

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