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Lesbian Sex and BV

Okay, so I have a bit of an odd question, with a back story, and I'm hoping that anyone out there could help. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now. We are in a monogamous relationship and we are quite sexually active. Prior to this relationship, I've been sexually involved with men and women and had STI tests which have all come back negative, but I suppose that's a bit irrelevant. Anyhow, prior to my relationship with her, I've experienced maybe 3 or 4 yeast infections (YIs) in my life. But after I began having sex with her, it's as though my entire biochemistry changed. We've both had numerous STI tests and we're both negative. But, I keep getting YIs, and the last time I went to my gyno (in August), I had bacterial vaginosis (BV). Since then, I've experienced BV several times, and it's quite disturbing. As I've been with her longer, I've also come to recognize her unique scent, and when it isn't quite right. I'm thinking that when we started dating, she may have had BV and between all of the oral action, tribadism, and toy sharing, I think it's entirely possible that I caught it from her. So, I want to know if 1) it's possible that I caught that particular bacterial infection from her? and 2) can it just come an go on its own? 

Sometimes, her smell is off, and other times, she smells perfectly normal. Same for me. If we are reinfecting each other, and we'd like to stay clear of metrogel/flagyl, should we do simultaneous combination treatments such as H2O2 douching, active culture plain yogurt vaginal inserts, folic acid and acidopholus supplementation, boric acid with coconut oil suppositories, etc.???? Also, if I feel the symptoms disappear, should I immediately discontinue treatment and just wait until the next time symptoms appear, or should I continue the full course (i.e. 2 weeks of boric acid pills intravaginally,or daily folic acid with acidopholus for a month, etc.)?

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :-)
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