ohletmetelu (ohletmetelu) wrote in vaginapagina,

YI transferred to anus

Hi VPers,

Here's my middle of the night/ I can't sleep from the worst itch I've ever had/keep me from ripping out my anus story:

On Dec 29th, I woke up with typical YI symptoms. Swollen SWOLLEN vulva, itchy, burning, discharge, etc. I immediately took a Monistat 1 day and then went off on a holiday trip that same day. The symptoms subsided a bit but were still there. When I got back into town I booked an appointment with the nurse practitioner at my ob/gyn and she confirmed it was a bad YI and prescibed Fluconazole (150mg) to be taken immediately then again within 48 hours if the symptoms hadn't subsided. That was the 4th and on the 6th I took the second dose cause the symptoms were still (very) there. In addition to the Fluconazole she prescribed Terconazole 0.4% cream to be applied intravaginally every day at bedtime for 7 days. My last dose/applicatorfull of the cream was on the 10th and here I am with a really itchy anus. Like I'm sitting here balling because it's so horribly itchy and I don't know what else to do. Fuck!

So my questions are:
Why wouldn't the two doses of Fluconazole prevent the YI from transferring to my anus? I'm assuming that is what happened.. How do I stop the itch?? I've tried tea tree oil (recommended in the YI tags), the vulva cream that came with the Monistat 1 day, ice cold water, apple cider vinegar, scratching!.. Nothing!!!
What do I do?!! :(

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