pretendworld_ (pretendworld_) wrote in vaginapagina,

frequent urination?

This morning I got up as usual, went to the bathroom to do BM and proceeded to urinate probably three or four separate times during my time spent there - about 15 minutes. I had one long flow and then a couple of smaller ones. Maybe a bit of slight burning now but it's nothing out of the ordinary since I have lichen sclerosis.

This has happened a couple of times lately but not as bad. I recently began taking Yasmin and have read some people say that they pee more often...but I took it for a whole year before and never noticed anything like this?

And sometimes after I pee and then wipe, I'll walk around a bit and feel a little wet patch in my underwear - am I leaking pee?

I don't drink much at night and always pee before bed. I don't know how I'll be today but is this cause for concern just yet?

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