heartsasmagnets (heartsasmagnets) wrote in vaginapagina,

Suggested Positions for Most Pleasurable Anal

I'm a straight, cis-female (trying really hard to use proper descriptors here, so I'm sorry if I'm doing a bad job).

My partner recently expressed an interest in trying anal. We've done it five times total, now. The first two times, it hurt majorly. The third it barely hurt, the fourth it hurt a lot again and the fifth and final time there was no pain on my part. \0/ Having said that, it was also not super pleasurable for me and I'm not sure I could ever orgasm from it. He seems to quite like it, and I am happy to do it if it's enjoyable for him - now that we figured it out so it doesn't hurt me - but I was wondering if anyone has position suggestions or tips to make it potentially more pleasurable for me?

Neither of us are very sexually experience at all, so it could just be lack of experience on our parts. The only way we've been able to do it so far is doggystyle. I know I've read that other people have had luck with kind of a spooning position, but we had trouble negotiating entrance when we tried that. Perhaps there's a trick? :P

Thoughts? Tips? Suggestions?

Anything would be appreciated! :)
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