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Heavy cramping + white tissue during menstruation

Hi vaginapagina!

I just wanted to say thank you.

I'm on HBC and I've had a very light period for the past two months. This is my placebo week and my period came early, fast and hard. Along with the heavy bleeding and stronger-than-usual cramping came...the white tissue. I freaked out. After calling my boyfriend into the bathroom while still on the toilet, wrapping the ...thing in cling film and putting it in the fridge for my gyno, and the general hand-wringing of "what if I actually was pregnant?", I turned to the internet. And found you.

You gave me the information and confidence to take the cling film out of the fridge and chuck it in the bin. But not before taking some pictures to add to the archive. Hopefully they'll help someone else not freak out :)

Thanks again!
Tags: menstruation/periods, uterine-lining
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