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Hormone level smells?


This isn't really a concern, but my curiosity has been awakened and I thought I'd ask the lovely people here if they've experienced this.

I got to my boyfriends house last night in a very stressed/hungry/hormonal mood and when I'd sat and unwound a bit I go into the kitchen (where he's cooking our dinner, despite my outburst) and apologise for being a knot of tension, but I'm stressed AND hormonal as my period is due in a few days.

And he's like "yeah, I know you're getting hormonal. You smell different." Not my vulva or discharge or anything like that, just my skin when he hugged me he's like "Yeah, you smell hormoney."

When I ask him later on he says it's not quite a metallic smell, but more like...a stoney minerally smell. It's obviously not an offensive smell and I'm not at all concerned as he's noticed it with other partners, but I haven't had anybody mention this before.

I am curious as to whether I can class my boyfriend's sense of smell as a superpower to add to his many other wonderful qualities.

Do any other menstruators have their partners say they smell different at certain times? Have you noticed it on any of your partners?
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